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A full-fledge whitepaper with a top-notch design, consisting of the project’s story, NFTs, and how generative art got its way into the digital world, Xenoverse's mission, functionalities, and future roadmap as well was delivered timely.



Xenoverse is an extensive crypto and NFT portal with all the things a crypto head would want to indulge in. From generative NFTs to LP staking, there’s a lot going on in the Xenoverse since it proves to be a further big step towards a futuristic virtual world with unique lives of Xenoroid NFTs, designs inspired by high-end quality, AI androids, and anime drawing.



Offering users, a way to earn rewards for staking their cryptocurrency and get some percentage in return.


Generative NFTs

A large amount of unique NFTs using randomized combinations of design assets that become the NFT's traits and metadata attributes.


Anime drawing

Creating a passion for collectors and artists in the NFT space, anime NFTs are a unique, and one-of-a-kind piece of digital art in a style they love!



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