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Token Development

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Advantages of aiding the Leading Crypto Development Services

Digital currencies are aided with leading features that make them advantageous for businesses.

About Us

Enter the Crypto Future with our Digital Currency Development Services

With a giant boom in coin development, digital currencies have been introducing cutting-edge trends in the trading industry. Quecko Inc. mitigates security risks by reducing third-party interaction in transactions. Start your journey with the best cryptocurrency development through secure and well-organized transaction standards. 
The services offered by Quecko Inc. in crypto development are a solid foundation for your business involving digital currencies. The agile token development process is used in Security Token Offerings (STOs), Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), and unique non-fungible tokens (NFT). Let’s begin now with the best cryptocurrency development company!

Launch your Cryptocurrency with ground-breaking Crypto Development Services

We at Quecko Inc. offer the most versatile crypto development services to help businesses step into the leading crypto market. We go hand in hand with our clientele from conceptualization to the creation and deployment of crypto coins, including marketing.

By leveraging our next-level coin development solutions, you can get your feet with NFT development, ERC20 token development, DeFi token development, Tron token development, Metaverse token development, and more.With our vast expertise across the globe, we give our due consideration to our client families in their development expedition to derive maximum value from them. Are you ready for your cryptocurrency launch?

Grow your crypto business with our Coin Development Services

Tokenize your assets to amplify your fundraising efforts. Our Experts in blockchain technology uses result-driven practices, design methods, and technophilic approach to bring you to the top!

Types of Tokens We Provide:

Security Tokens

Support your token with a legal framework to gain a competitive advantage and raise money
quickly & securely.

Utility Tokens

Lead the ICO market by
capturing its growth
opportunities with utility takens
and attracting investors.

Equality Tokens

Get our design-driven
methodology to get the
fundraising opportunity by
creating your equity tokens

Non-Fungible Tokens

Launch your NFT takens to
signify possession of unique
items Assets from video games.
art, collectibles.

The Services we offer for Cryptocurrency Development

Quecko is one of the leading cryptocurrency software development companies with our creative leading team that develops state-of-the-art digital solutions for your business.  Check out our prominent services below.

NFT Marketplace Development

NFT Marketplace Development

We develop Non-Fungible Tokens that secure the ownership of your work or product and lets you get the right price for it with a decentralized platform.

DeFi Development

DeFi Development

With the profound understanding and expertise of DeFi development services, we develop DeFi based exchange, lending, staking platforms adding value to your business and your users’ requirements.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Cryptocurrency exchange development is a software that ensures safe, easier and faster transactions. Build highly secured and reliable exchange platform with us to trade and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies

Crypto Wallet Development

Crypto Wallet Development

A wallet holds multiple token types and provide security and efficiency with which you can take advanced steps in trading.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development

We have the best smart contract development services which help to build your smart contract on popular blockchain platforms.

Token Development

Token Development

Quecko assists enterprises, startup & businesses in creating unique & compatible tokens on various blockchain platforms with custom smart contract on popular standards like ERC20, BEP20, TRC10, ERC1155 & so on.

White Paper Writing Services

White Paper Writing Services

We are specialized in white paper writing and production for our clients worldwide. Hire our White Paper dedicated writers who get serious about your brand, your products or services and your target market.

STO Development

STO Development

We are offering highly reliable STO development services all the way from token design to launch and infrastructure maintenance. It helps clients to raise funds easily from investors around the world.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can hire our services to develop and launch your own crypto coin in the market. Discuss your project details and requirements with our experts.

If you plan to use another currency as a base, it may take a few weeks only to create your own cryptocurrency. But, if you want to build one from scratch, it will take 1 to 3 months, depending on the complexity.

Like any other software, cryptocurrency also has an algorithm working at the backend. It has a number of features like end-to-end encryption, hashing, Cryptonight, Ethash, and SHA-256.

Payment policies will be discussed directly during interaction and you will be given proforma invoice by us for phase payment. After the payment completion we will provide the invoice with all details.

Quecko is a leading Metaverse token development company that helps in the creation of a part of a token used to make online transactions in the Metaverse. Our developers create metaverse tokens to execute the transactions on these networks.

Decentralized networks face technical governance challenges too as nobody is in charge. Enterprise blockchains can be operated by a single entity or some associations.

With Quecko, a single notary can safely operate a network for its participants, thanks to the Proof of Notarization consensus algorithm.

Our Work

Multichain Wallet

The everyday crypto wallet, is a standalone mobile application that allows users to store and own.

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Governance DAO

We created DAO governance that depends solely on the members, taking critical decisions regarding the future.

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Striving to become one of the finest escrow service providers, the goal of Cryptegrity was achieved.

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