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KingKong DOGE

KingKong DOGE is a community-driven token with built-in features of tax burning. The token has exceptional features resulting in its success. You can get sky-high holder rewards with KingKong DOGE.

KingKong DOGE’s goal is to provide a safe place to the holders so that they can trade their valuable crypto without any hesitation and by remaining decentralized. KingKong DOGE is loyal to its customers, giving us the power to grow at an unfathomable pace!




Supply Burn

Reduce the token supply and increase the demand with supply burn mechanism.


Auto Burn

Tokens accumulated in the wallet are automatically burnt after 24 hours, increasing the demand.


Holder Rewards

Token holders gets prioritized with different benefits like discounts and all that.


Binance Smart Chain

BSC further enriched the KingKong DOGE ensuring decentralization.


Whitepaper Content

Quecko’s top content writers had put great efforts to create magnificent content.


Whitepaper Design

Top-notch graphic designers created visual concepts, communicating the ideas written in whitepaper to captivate consumers.



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