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Discover Your Web3 Identity: Create a Powerful Digital Profile with Domain Profiles

We are here to provide you with a name for your Web3 profile
Enjoy building your digital identity with domain profiles. A sustainable system to verify your social accounts, display your NFT avatar, and highlight achievements..


What do you expect for the future of web3 naming services? Let’s get it

Without this system in place, internet users would have to retrieve web resources using IP addresses, which is an extremely complicated process. However, the traditional DNS is highly centralized.
Decentralized blockchain domain names make users’ addresses readable to humans and enable them to have complete control and autonomy over their data.
Web3 is expected to become the next iteration of the internet and domain names will play an important part in that transition. The Domain Name System (DNS) is a basic pillar of the World Wide Web.
Together with the metaverse, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and GameFi, domain names will help accelerate the transition from Web2 to Web3.


Domain Name Service

Domain Name Service is one of the most favourable blockchain DNS systems. It integrates innovative blockchain-based DNS with a traditional system and allows the users to enjoy the benefits of both systems.
One of its most unique features is its ability to facilitate users in transferring domains. For example, owners of traditional domains can transfer their domain to the blockchain DNS service if they can provide their DNSSEC registration, to transfer it to the blockchain DNS service.


DNS is where you get one Name for All of Your Addresses
Now there is no more hassle of copying and pasting long website addresses. You can use your DNS name to store all of your addresses and receive any cryptocurrency, token, or NFT.

Get your perfect domain

Search domain

Search domain

The system checks if the domain you want is available.



The system then verifies that you are the only one minting the domain.

Manage domain

Manage domain

Finally, the domain is yours, you can set up now.


What do we aim at?

To enable decentralized web and financial interactions, Quecko provides a decentralized resolution mechanism for blockchain domains. The mechanism can be implemented within dApps and crypto wallets.


  • Privacy and security
  • Censorship resistance
  • Reliability and availability
  • Free and open-source software
  • Every node in the server is equal
  • Only owners can make changes to the current records
  • Not prone to hacking
  • Ability to support new needs such as asset value exchange through tokenization
  • dApps
  • and Web 3.0 or the Internet of Value
About Us

Qualities Of DNS

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    There are no service disruptions on the hosted websites. Peer-to-peer network hosting of websites ensures availability on a 24-hour basis.

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    It ensures that there would be no corruption of data on the DNS. Blockchain achieves consensus using consensus protocol and this ensures integrity, meaning there is no need for DNSSEC’s famous key renewal. Blockchain ensures cryptography encryption, so data cannot easily be corrupted or modified.

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    The protection of the privacy of the users by implementing a variety of solutions and methods get reliable here. Just as in DNS over HTTPS (DoH) protocol works to ensure confidentiality, requests to the blockchain can be encapsulated in an HTTPS (DoH) protocol.

Decentralized domains in Web 3.0 is making your life easier

The websites based on the blockchain have non-ordinary extensions like .eth, and are based on complex smart contracts to form a human-readable web address, and the users need to access these websites.

Domain owners will register a domain on a blockchain. The owners of the crypto coins will get private keys (crypto wallets) to the domain and can control the domain fully. Users can launch their websites without getting permission from ICANN.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The domain is stored in your cryptocurrency wallet. After you finish minting your domain on the blockchain, you can transfer it anywhere you like.

When someone types yourname.nft into any of the wallets that support our branded domain extensions, the wallet looks up that domain on the blockchain finds the appropriate address, and sends the crypto to the address associated with that name.

The reason is that internet sites use DNS, because remembering a full IP address for each site is not realistic, and convenient

DNS complements and extends the usefulness of DNS with decentralised, trustworthy name resolution for web3 resources such as blockchain addresses and distributed content, while Namecoin and Handshake are efforts to replace all or part of DNS with a blockchain-based alternative

Yes, sure you can update the addresses and other resources pointed to by your name at any time.

Yes. You can create whatever subdomains you desire and assign their ownership to other people if you want so. You can even set up your own registrar for your domain.

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