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Being the ever-competent market leader, Quecko Inc. is renowned to provide futuristic digital solutions to customers looking for blockchain products, dApps & DeFi development, Metaverse and NFT development, eventually paving the way for a fully decentralized future.

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dApp Development

End-to-end decentralized app development services, powered by a relentless team of blockchain experts.

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Smart Contracts

No more contracts hassle. We’ll assist you in automating your business contracts and agreements along with transparency, safety, and ease

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Mobile Apps

Want peer-to-peer decentralized app development services for your business? We’re here to help

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NFT Technology

Whatever your use case, we'll help you create an effective NFT strategy and optimize the use of this NFT art throughout your organization.

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Generative NFTs

We help you design and develop your own generative NFT projects with versatile genres and creativity.

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White Papers & Gitbooks

Document your project's features and story in a designed white paper.

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Let's identify the potential of blockchain and crypto in your project or idea and get it started right away

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Web Development

Your one-stop place to get scalable and up-to-the-mark web solutions for your business or start-up


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Driving innovations that help our clients stay ahead of the curve, paving way for a decentralized future!

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Explore how startups and big enterprises are optimizing themselves using the Blockchain tech to help their NFT marketplace grow, and how we, Quecko Inc., are helping them do so.


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The Concept of Ethereum Merge

Something new fascinates the blockchain sector every other day and if you are also curious to know about that, let’s move together. Ethereum, the blockchain
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Blog cover with title “What is Tokenization in a Blockchain”, with Blue visuals.

What Is Tokenization in a Blockchain

In the digital era of today’s world, the essential information, values, transactions, and many more processes are exchanged now with tokenized digital assets,
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A blog cover representing a “B”, logo of the bitcoin.

A Review on Bitcoin’s $21 Million Hard Cap

Any asset when faced with less supply in a market gets its demand high and this makes it scarce. The feature of scarcity and limited supply of any asset makes it valuable
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A blog cover representing Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ripple.

High Crypto Expectations in 2022?

Whether it is a traditional market or a crypto market, enthusiasts and traders keep their eyes stuck on the stock exchanges that predict the future economy of any region.
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A blog cover representing VR technology.

Initial Game Offering — What Is An IGO All About?

The digital world is being made more and more captivating with the technological advancements in graphics and computation. The gaming sector is also heading forward to
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A blog cover representing connectedness of world through phone.

Platforms for Crypto Social Trading in 2022

Trading, whether a traditional one or crypto trading, is not easy going for the fresh starters. You are obliged to gather much information to learn how to trade
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A blog cover representing a hexagon with written word “Metaverse”.

Technologies Powering Up the Metaverse

It’s a world of evolution and an era of innovations, where we see innovative tech being developed with each passing minute. And some trendiest tech of this century
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A blog cover representing Ape NFTs mentioning “NFT Staking”

NFT Staking — Helps You Earn Passive Income

“If you are an artist and still don’t use NFT (Non-Fungible Token), you are potentially missing millions of dollars.” -Olawale Daniel In this digital era, who’s not well aware of the
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A blog cover representing parcels with “NFT” written on it.

A Quick Look into Some of The NFT Use Cases

Exploding in popularity, NFTs are providing investors the potential for significant earnings. Once again taking a massive turn at the beginning of this year, the NFT market is.
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A blog cover representing Web 3.00 along with coins

The Difference Between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0?

In the present era, there is no concept of living without the latest technologies of the internet as it’s a crucial part of our professional and private lives now
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A blog cover representing some blocks mentioning LUNA

The Story of Luna Crash — Is There Still Some Hope?

In every industry the future is too distant a place for people involved in it and their expectations. And when it comes to the crypto market, nothing can be more volatile
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A blog cover representing different crypto’s.

Making Money Through Blockchain

Cryptocurrency has impacted in the most recent ways in the lives of individual and mostly, the ones who are lured into it. Tech giants, industry leaders, and even artists are
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Let’s Explore the Metaverse; A Short Brief

The concept of metaverse is really interesting and mind blowing for the first-time users. It is all about an internet life, interacting with each other
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Why is Crypto Market Falling Down?

Cryptocurrency doesn’t need any introduction now and is being called the future of money for the last few years. Most of the financial dealings are being done in the
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