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DAOs Development
DAOs Development
DAOs Development
DAOs Development

DAO Blockchain Development

The Revolutionizing Blockchain-Powered System.

We are a globally recognized DAO development company with expertise in programming your DAOs as per your requirements adding many features into it like fundraising, surveys, voting systems, hierarchies and many more.

The Prominent Features of DAO to be Marked

Why Choose DAO Platform Development?

The DAO functions in a democratic way where all the decisions are made by the community. When we use DAO blockchain development, we get 100% transparent transactions and services are handled automatically in a standardized manner. Another main reason to choose DAO platform for your project is that its entire functioning is coded into smart contracts and recorded on the blockchain so, there gets minimal to zero chances of inaccuracies.



Token Development

Lead the universe of crypto with ground-breaking Digital Currency. Partner with industry leaders for your crypto token development!


Domain Name System

We are here to provide you with a name for your Web3 profile Enjoy building your digital identity with domain profiles.



Our DApp programmers are equipped with contract-oriented, high-level Solidity language to write smart contracts that implement self-enforcing business logic, permitting credible transactions without third parties.



The seasoned writing experts in blockchain technology work together here to create informative whitepapers communicating the technical aspects of projects to a general audience.


Defi Services

Be a part of this seamless technology and leverage the advantages of DeFi based applications with Quecko Inc. We focus on blockchain-based decentralized finance services


DAOs Development

We are a globally recognized DAO development company with expertise in programming your DAOs as per your requirements adding many features into it like fundraising,

The Process We Follow for DAO Platform Development

  • Requirements Identification
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Smart Contracts Testing
  • Front-End Development & Launch

DAO vs Traditional Organizations

Quick to set up

Global and borderless

Build your own structure

Open and transparent

Costly to start

Tied to local juridictions

Hierarchical organiztaions

Private and opaque

About Us

What Are Some Use Cases of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations?

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    Functions are executed by DAO platforms only when the specified conditions in the smart contracts are met and traders comply with those rules for a certain transaction.

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    Voting system is the most common functionality of DAOs. A new proposal in DAO comes into effect, only when that proposal manages to receive the maximum votes.

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    When the project gets verified, it can start raising funds and makes sure that funds are allocated to the right cause.

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