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Unlocking Technology Potential: Empowering Businesses with Quecko Inc.

Quecko Inc. is a leading provider of software consulting services, focused on helping organizations of all sizes and industries to unlock the potential of emerging technologies. With team of experienced software consultants, we can help you identify the most suitable technologies for your business objectives and financial goals. We specialize in emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, IoT, etc. and are committed to maximizing your ROI


Fueling your digital transformation journey by best software consulting Company

From strategy development, roadmap planning, and implementation to post-implementation support, our software consulting team has the experience and knowledge to help you get the most out of your IT investments. With our deep understanding of the development lifecycle, we can help you make informed decisions that will save you time, money, and energy.

About Us

Our Software Consulting Services

Our services include:

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    Technology Stack Consulting

    We help clients select the right technology stack for their software solution. We determine the best tech stack based on the client’s objectives and budget.

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    Design Consulting

    Our design consultants evaluate the design of the software and suggest improvements that will maximize the user experience.

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    ROI Modeling

    We assess the expected ROI and present our clients with an estimated timeline and cost breakdown.

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    Software Launch Support

    We provide ongoing support to ensure a successful launch of the software. 

Technology utilized by our experts


Blockchain Technology

Taking advantage of the best technology, we widen our wings to achieve market-leading smart contracts and decentralized storage by building top blockchain-based web apps.


Artificial Intelligence

Quecko Inc. integrates the best AI technology in web apps to make the process fast and efficient, also tailored to personalized UX.


Machine Learning

Utilizing machine learning technology to understand the psychology of customers by identifying patterns in data.


IoT Technology

Our expert developers use the Internet of Things to help transform interactions and interfaces, helping users interact with different devices on the internet.


Robotic Process Automation

To automate the web application and increase its efficiency, Quecko Inc. uses market-leading RPA tools and technology.

Our Work

Multichain Wallet

The everyday crypto wallet, is a standalone mobile application that allows users to store and own.

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Governance DAO

We created DAO governance that depends solely on the members, taking critical decisions regarding the future.

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Striving to become one of the finest escrow service providers, the goal of Cryptegrity was achieved.

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