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Cross-Platform App

Industry Leading Cross-Platform App Development Services

Partner with Quecko Inc. for customized cross-platform app development services.

We create one robust application that fits more than one platform by developing a universal code, using common UI groundwork and facilitating the overall development process. The simplest example is creating a single mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iOS.


Compatible and Guaranteed

Not all mobile applications are designed to work equally on all mobile platforms. Native applications are developed for a specific platform. While similar to cross-platform applications, hybrid applications are, for the most part, native.

Cross-platform mobile applications are highly-customized and quality-guaranteed, created with a single source code and used on multiple mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows.

Advantages of Cross-platform Development


Development costs reduction




Near-native functionality


Fast launching

Why Should One opt for Cross-Platform App Development?

In recent years, a consistent rise in the number of OS and mobile platforms available to users is seen. An app that isn’t available on even one of these platforms will be missing out on a lot of potential users and revenue.

This is where cross-platform app development comes in. It allows businesses to get their app across as many platforms as possible, thereby increasing the app’s reach to the maximum.

Services by Quecko Inc.

Backed up with solid experience, Quecko Inc. provides a wide array of cross-platform app development services like:

  • Cross-platform application development using Xamarin Cordova/Ionic/PhoneGap & Sencha Cocos 2DX
  • Multi-platform application launching on Android/ iOS or Windows Phone
  • Cross-platform app support and maintenance on different operating systems
  • Old native mobile app improvements using cross-platform frameworks
  • Customers’ team augmentation for challenging projects by providing a team of professional cross-platform developers.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re problem solvers, we like to first understand the problem you’re trying to solve with your mobile app and then help you design a product that brings something unique to the market.

We use variety of technologies and tools to design and develop multi-platform apps. These apps contain a singular codebase along with the same set of APIs and frameworks. This makes them to work perfectly on all platforms as an alternative to native apps.

Thanks to cross platform development, apps and websites are not just limited to one platform or device and can work properly in different software environments. Even though it is hard to say what the future would be, but cross platform development will definitely influence the way developers work.

Native applications cannot be outrun in terms of performance, but building them requires more time, effort and cost as well. Cross-platform apps may not have the same performance speed and reach as native apps, yet they are up to 40% quicker and cheaper to release.

Cross-Platform app development allows you to publish an app on various platforms through a single codebase, instead of developing the app in each platform’s native language and technology.

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