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Striving to become one of the finest escrow service providers, the goal of Cryptegrity was achieved through Quecko's best practices. Not only a user-friendly website was developed for them through our best UI design, but our expertise provided them with successful token creation, Smart Contract, Wallet connection, Web 3.0, Mongo/SQL, & much more!




Cryptegrity is an Escrow DApp that allows peer-to-peer or direct transactions of escrow services. Through milestone-based agreements, people can buy or sell their services whose transactions are done through Escrow Smart Contracts after the seller completely delivers his services and the buyer approves and agrees upon them and certain conditions are met.


Trustless Transactions

A platform where a decentralized blockchain network is used and requires no need to rely or trust in a third party.



Allows for peer-to-peer and transparent agreements



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