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Open Canvas

A heavenly adventure created with unique features by Quecko’s expert team. NFT marketplaces, swapping, minting, renting, buying & selling, and every single thing was designed through careful review & consideration.




A stellar all-in-one NFT Marketplace to explore everything about non-fungible digital assets. This marketplace is where you can easily buy, sell, and even mint your own NFTs. Looking upon the likes of OpenSea, OpenCanvas has quickly come out on top due to added innovative features like NFT Renting, NFT Swaps, and Comparisons.


Unqiue Feature

The unique feature of NFT Swapping allows the OpenCanvas community to swap their NFTs with those of fellow users


Welcome at the OpenCanvas

NFT and digital art collectors are welcome at the OpenCanvas marketplace to buy, trade, rent, or list NFTs.


Easy NFT Trading

The platform makes trading NFTs easier as you can accept, reject or negotiate offers to your liking.


Credibility of the NFTs

Users can be completely sure of the credibility of the NFTs they want to buy.



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