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Flash Loan Aave (Bot)

Creating the most advanced contract that includes not just getting a flash loan from Aave, the project was designed to include features like buying from DEX, selling to another DEX, returning the loan, and calculating profit.



Flash loan bot is an under-developing product that takes a flash loan from Aave and does a transaction on a DEX for buying and selling it at a higher price and returns the loan all in one transaction so users can carry a transaction without having any funds and earn huge money.


Active 24/7

Liquidity protocol Aave is a bot that allows users to borrow and settle loans instantaneously in a single transaction any time.


Always looking for profitable trades

One can expect pretty good profits of $100 and more in the first days of running flashloan arbitrage.


The bot divides the profit distribution among a number of wallets.

The flash loan bot divides the profit among a number of wallets.


When the bot earns profit

With Flash Loan, anyone can become a liquidator to make profits without much investment by buying the undercollateralized assets with a specific discount.



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