Tiger King Whitepaper

Tiger Coin is a one-of-a-kind coin in the crypto sphere. Born originally to support tigers, the Tiger King community’s main focus of attention is to support both the members

Outlier Biopharma Whitepaper

Outlier Biopharma is involved in the licensed medical cannabis industry in Jamaica. Outlier is utilizing blockchain technology

KingDoge Whitepaper

KingDoge is a community-driven DeFi protocol. It is a deflationary auto-liquidity generating, static rewarding cryptocurrency protocol.

Gaasland Whitepaper

GAASLAND provides a platform for artists to stage big online events for fans all over the world while maintaining complete control over monetization with its token.

Amore Whitepaper

Amore is a resort and traveling business based on blockchain. It is a one-of-its-kind project aiming to build a new travel ecosystem that encompasses a large variety

Animal NFT Whitepaper

Animal NFT is a marketplace where artists can create and sell their NFT’s whilst connecting with fans and collectors all over the world.

Animal Concert Whitepaper

Animal Concerts is a platform that streams interactive Metaverse concerts, enabling established and emerging artists to deliver

Xenoverse Whitepaper

Xenoverse is an extensive crypto and NFT portal with all the things a crypto head would want to indulge in. From generative NFTs to LP staking, there’s a lot going in the

Tesla Whitepaper

Tesla Electric Motors is a global organization that excels in providing environment-friendly electric solutions to its growing number of climate-concerned customers.

Zoome Whitepaper

Zoome is an ecommerce content management system (CMS), a web app that allows ecommerce shop owners to create, edit and publish digital website content

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