Technologies Powering Up the Metaverse

  • Technologies Powering Up the Metaverse
Technologies Powering Up the Metaverse
Technologies Powering Up the Metaverse
Technologies Powering Up the Metaverse
Technologies Powering Up the Metaverse
Technologies Powering Up the Metaverse

Technologies Powering Up the Metaverse

It’s a world of evolution and an era of innovations, where we see innovative tech being developed with each passing minute. Some trendiest tech of this century includes metaverse, or a virtual universe, where we do a lot more than we can in the real world.

Developing with each day, blockchain technology always provides us with amazing concepts and metaverse is one of them. This concept was first developed by Neal Stephenson in his science-fiction novel Snow Crash.

How Does the Metaverse Look Like?

The concept of metaverse is elaborated as an online, 3D, virtual space that connects different platforms through a single browser. To link the connections between the financial, virtual, and physical worlds, you are one touch far.

When Facebook changed its name to Meta in October 2021, the metaverse was a new favourite word on search engines. The disastrous COVID-19 pandemic sped up the interest in metaverse as the ways to connect with others were mostly the remote ones.

It allows users to collaborate with one another using their avatars that make it possible for the team meetings to happen remotely with more fun factors in it.

Now let’s have a look at the technologies that are boosting up the metaverse and making it more immersive and impressive.

Key Technologies Powering Up the Metaverse

Blockchain and the Metaverse

The first famous technology and mode of accelerating the Metaverse is Blockchain. It provides a decentralized and transparent solution for digital transfer of value, governance, and accessibility.

Cryptocurrencies enable users to transfer value while they work and socialize in a 3D digital world. Crypto can be used to buy virtual lands like in Decentraland, the biggest virtual land platform, where the players can purchase land parcels in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Blockchain technology supports the ownership and security of all these virtual lands. So, this makes blockchain the key tech fueling the metaverse and its regulation.

The Technology of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The two entry points into the virtual world are AR and VR. Augmented Reality is an enhanced version of the physical world to be viewed by using digital visual elements and sounds.

It is a growing trend among companies these days and in businesses. Virtual reality is also one of the emerging and exciting technologies to be part of the metaverse. Virtual Reality produces a computer-generated virtual environment where the users explore it using VR headsets, gloves, and sensors. Expanding more in metaverse with time, users will be able to feel, hear, and interact with people from different parts of the world.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is now widely used in our lives which is the creation of metaverse avatars. It is actually the creation of intelligent machines that can work in parallel with the human brain and intelligence.

It is used to analyze 2D images and 3D scans to make avatars more realistic and accurate. Different facial expressions, hairstyles, clothes, and features of digital humans are created to enhance their beauty.

AI processes the data at very high speed i.e. at lightning speed where it is assumed to perform better tasks than humans. AI tool often completes its tasks quickly and comes up with very few errors.

Closing Thoughts

We are very hopeful that these technologies and many more are going to accelerate the metaverse and expand in each sector of life. By sitting in one place, you are going to enjoy and get involved in almost all the activities around the globe.

We are likely to see the exciting new features in the virtual worlds and make the fiction happen just like real.

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