Sharjeel Awan

Chief Product Officer @ Quecko Inc. | Blockchain | Crypto | NFTs | DeFi | dApps | Web 3.0 | On our way to connect the world with #BlockchainRevolution

A leader in project management, and having a decade-long industry knowledge and passion to lead products and ideas of the future.
From startups and SMEs to government-backed products, Sharjeel has built numerous products in Healthcare Tech, AgriTech, Ecommerce and FinTech.
He has majorly worked on ideating new products and taking them to the final stage, managing customer pain points, and bridging the gap between the business and engineering folks.
Currently, Sharjeel is working at Quecko Inc. and focusing towards the emerging niche of tech, Blockchain development. Here, he has had the opportunity to work on a bunch of products ranging from decentralized applications and NFT tech to Metaverse-related products.

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