Some of The Best Crypto Social Trading Platforms To Look Into In 2022

Trading, whether a traditional one or crypto trading, is not easy going for the fresh starters. You are obliged to gather much information to learn how to trade in a way like the experienced traders.

Yes, it is true that more risks and more time spent in learnings comes out with higher rewards and profits. You can’t deny the fact we learn quickly by practically doing that piece of work and sticking firmly to it.

Let’s revise Winston Churchill’s quote that says: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts”.

Now let’s get started with a briefing on crypto social trading.

The Crypto Social Trading

Crypto social trading is like the social networks that play a role of a broker and allows to purchase different assets and cryptocurrencies.

It refers to social trading platforms where the clients trade cryptocurrencies. In contrast to regular trading platforms, social trading platforms connect you with the traders of the same market to share, discuss, and analyze the predictions to enhance your learning and make trading even faster.

A trader uses a social trading platform to interact with other traders, learn and apply the trading strategies. Some of the social crypto trading platforms are described in this article, to let the newbies have a deeper idea.

Famous Social Crypto Trading Platforms


One of the leading social trading platforms used in the world around is Shrimpy. Managing the portfolio, shrimpy allows the crypto traders to put their portfolio on autopilot and earn with this platform. It makes it easy to trade assets for the new comers also.

You can create, manage, and personalize the portfolio of crypto asset where the value of each coin is viewed in percentage.

Supporting many other trading platforms like Binance, Bibox, and Kraken, Shrimpy ensures the security features such as two-factor authentication, API key encryption, and secured HTTPS protocol.


When the traders use this platform, the Cryptohopper, they can automate their investing processes and copy professional traders. In this way they stay on top of the market no matter which coins they trade and which exchanges they use.

To avail its various benefits, you can register with its paid version, as the monthly payment does not vary, so you don’t have to pay a commission on each trade. You can access a high-level analysis tool and comprehensive mobile app.


Zignaly is another social crypto trading platform, focusing on cryptocurrencies and crypto investors and uses API keys to integrate popular exchanges.

Zignaly offers 100% secure accounts with advanced encryption and a two-way factor authentication. One of the critical features it provides is that it allows for a user-friendly interface, copy trading bots, and trading fees cashback.

The primary subscription is free but a monthly subscription starts from $5 to$500 if you need the advanced features.


Cryptocurrency investors are now more interested in social trading platforms to generate high revenue with time. By choosing right strategies, trading can be less stressful and more helpful in starting a new trading journey with high performances.

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