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Technical Lead

Posted on 01/02/2023

Job Description

Job Summary: As a technical lead, you will oversee the technical team and all projects they undertake, analyze briefs, write progress reports, identify risks, and develop work schedules. You should be able to work with your team and inspire them to achieve their goals. To be successful as a technical lead, you should always be expanding your industry knowledge and be able to identify problems quickly. Outstanding technical leads are accountable, trustworthy, and able to build lasting relationships with their teams.

Responsibilities and deliverables:

  • Experience in front end - either of reactjs/angularjs/vue.js , backend - nodejs , rest based APIs, microservices, messaging queues (rabbitmq, kafka etc,), database-nosql dbs (like mongodb), cloud knowledge - aws or gcp or azure
  • Must have High-level of proficiency with different languages and frameworks Like Objective C, Swift, Java, NodeJS, Reactjs, AngularJS, JavaScript, HTML/HTLM5, CSS3, AJAX, and REST API.
  • Experience With Agile methodologies and Scrum.
  • Must have the knowledge and experience with the deployment of Apps on the app store, play store & clouds like AWS (ECS, EC2, API Gateway, Route 53, Server Less Architecture, S3) or Azure.
  • Excellent experience with Different architectures like Microservices, Serverless Architectures.
  • A good understanding and hands-on of different protocols like AMQP, MQTT, HTTP, RPC, Rest API.
    Should understand and have implemented end-to-end Jenkins or similar tool setup for different projects.
  • Experience with Blockchain, IoT, AI is good to have.


  • Candidate must have 8-10 years of work experience in software development
  • Candidate must have experience in Team handling
  • Candidate must have experience in code reviews
  • Candidate must have relevant work experience in mobile application development company
  • Candidate must have good communication skills


Salary and Benefits:

Our pay structures are in line with industry leaning towards the higher side. We believe in rewarding good work and value creation for the company.

Job Information

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Work Experience

8-12 years

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