Generative NFT

Sovereign Sphynx Council

The Sovereign Sphynx Council are 8,888 Generative Sphynxes with over 150 hand-drawn features battling for supremacy within the Web3 multiverse.


Driven is the first ever trading universe, providing groundbreaking tools, world class training, automation possibilities and coaching that will benefit anyone interested

Odd waffle

The Odd Waffles are aiming to create the best possible community in the NFT space. With that in mind, the OW team is making utility and multiple use cases


The Metaskeletons platform is home to 5,555 unique 2D and 3D generative NFT avatar skeletons that are poised to take over the Metaverse and divide the spoils.

8 Bit Universe

The 8 Bit Metaverse was created to exist in both the digital and the real world and enjoy them alike. The Metaverse community consists of 8888 Early Citizen NFTs, each of

OpenCanvas DJT

OpenCanvas is an NFT marketplace where NFTs can be stored, displayed, traded, and minted. OpenCanvas has been developed to ensure that it is an easy-to-use marketplace

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