Staking Pool Builder

Staking Pools Deployer is a high-yield platform that allows the creation of staking pools with desired features. The platform then enables users to

Reward Cycle (New Coin)

RC2 or New Coins is an expansion of the Reward Cycle (RC) ecosystem, after successful completion of RC1. RC2 is a new token voting platform

Opencanvas Rarity Tool

OpenCanvas Rarity Tool is one of the components of the OC ecosystem. This rarity tool is the best way to look up the rarity of the DJT generative NFTs. It shows every unique

Cryptegrity App

Cryptegrity is an Escrow DApp that allows peer-to-peer or direct transactions of escrow services. Through milestone-based agreements, people can buy or sell their


Whenever an NFT owned by the project owner gets sold on the platform, the funds from that NFT selling are not gone to just the NFT owner rather are dispersed to all the

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