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Be a game-changer in the crypto market with our world-class crypto wallet development services. We offer a wide array of these services to help you skyrocket your business value!

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Changing the game through introduction of the best Crypto-wallets helping users store tokens fearlessly!

Quecko is a top-rated blockchain company, specializing in versatile and secure wallet development, offering end-to-end services helping businesses to design, build, develop, and integrate the best crypto-wallets. Our substantially experienced team develops and integrates advanced features of crypto wallets to help deliver the most secure of them. These features are:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Mobile passwords 
  • Fingerprints 
  • Face recognition 

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Nourish your business with a top-notch blockchain wallet development company!

Tech giant digital currencies are transforming the globe through alternative financial systems, bringing about a more transparent and secure decentralized economy. Bigger tech financial institutes now rely on blockchain technology and they are doing this in the most profitable way. Know why? Because they capitalize on the crypto market by creating their own crypto wallet. 

Quecko Inc. provides complete crypto-wallet development services and we do it in the best way by simplifying the process of crypto wallets launch for global businesses. Our team has strong experience and expertise in delivering quality solutions that fulfill your business goals. We develop the best customizable wallet solutions to help you with your needs, purpose, and requirements.

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Our Variety of Crypto Wallet Development Solutions

Quecko Inc. develops different types of crypto wallets, provisioning safe and secure storage & transfer of digital assets.

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Web3 Wallet Development

Web3 wallets provide a substantially wide array of advantages as buying and selling NFTs, handling tokens that are present on different platforms such as Ethereum, Solana, and Algorand, and accessing DeFi apps. 
This kind of wallet helps access the dApps on different chains and store them, giving the users a chance to manage assets on their own.


DeFi Wallet Development

We are developing the best DeFi Wallets after thorough research and understanding of your business requirements. We, at Quecko Inc., keep you informed at every step of the development to help you with the functionalities for better control.


Tron Wallet Development

Quecko Inc. is helping entrepreneurial start-ups and well-established businesses to develop their personalized wallet using TRON, helping them manage TRX, TRON, and other currencies.


White Label Wallet Development

We develop the most versatile applications by integrating the most world-class and scalable security features into them. We help users to transfer, earn, and monitor digital currencies with a White-label Wallets solution as provided by our experienced developers.


Multi-Currency Wallet Development

This type of wallet helps users store and transact multiple currencies. Our team of experts provides both single and multi-currency support for you.


NFT Wallet Development

While developing the best NFT wallet, we make sure you gain benefits from the platform. Quecko also makes sure to devise the most scalable structure, focusing on the nuance of the mechanism while making it appear more practical.


Bitcoin Wallet Development

Bitcoin Wallet is the new trendsetter in the emerging domain that holds priceless assets. We integrate it with next-level features to enhance its security with large amounts of assets making wallet usage simpler than ever!


Ethereum Wallet Development

The most valuable token of all time is the Ethereum token. It needs to be stored securely. Hence, we develop the most scalable Ethereum wallet, capable of holding ERC777, ERC721, ERC20, and ERC 1155.


Web Wallet Development

The Web Wallet is accessible anytime and anywhere via an internet connection. These wallets store small savings securely and offer multi-cryptocurrency help for exchange trading.


Desktop Wallet Development

We help you keep up with the volume of your transactions in a way that you will better comprehend the technicalities involved. Quecko Inc. carefully understands the disposition of your assets before devising the desktop wallet solution for your business.


Mobile Wallet Development

Such crypto-wallet app solutions will provide high-end functionality to its users plus provide the opportunity to help them easily access digital assets on their mobile devices. Similarly, it is most suitable for remote transactions and payments.


Centralized Wallet Development

A Centralized Wallet will safeguard the users’ private keys, helping them access the wallet without any hassle. Moreover, the whitelisting of the paper will ensure safer and quicker transactions.

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White Label Digital Currency Wallet Development

Lead the industry with our world-class white-label cryptocurrency wallet development services. We deliver game-changing services to startups as well as well-established businesses. We deliver what we promises! 

Our wallet solutions are integrated with high-graded safety features to prevent Harmful activities and breaches. Quecko Inc. has sky-roketed global businesses that are outperforming because of the world-class wallet services.

Salient Features Pertaining to White-Label Crypto Wallet


Authentication Factor

We enhance the Security of the wallet with a multi-factor authentication feature. This security feature is mingled considering the specific wallet requirements. 


Multi-currency Support

We provide an expert crypto wallet solution to support cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other prominent coins.


History of Transaction

A historical record of all the peer-to-peer transactions carried out by the users is kept in the wallet for safe operations.


Automatic Rates Update

Our crypto wallet solution automatically updates the users on exchange rates. These tangible supports help users make informed decisions.


Backup to the Wallet

Quecko’s team of experts looks after all the malicious activities to protect your wallet from them, hence, they create digital wallets considering these attacks. As a result, the data can be retrieved via a backup feature as integrated into the application.


Automated Logout Session

The most secure feature of the wallet is automated sessions log out if it remains non-active for some time. This is to help prevent malicious activities, hacking, and fraud. The wallet is accessible once the password is re-entered.

Why White Label Crypto Wallet?

We keep pace with your white label crypto wallet development venture to help your business achieve tangible results.

Highly-secure and scalable features

Tested and trusted with user base of 100 Million people

Uninterrupted performance both on mobile and web

Speedy transactions

Reliable management of cryptocurrencies

Minimum deployment time

Direct linking to any crypo exchange

Easy to understand interface

Exceptionally best for use as a standalone application


Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

We follow a four-part innovative process to steer your development journey

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Initiate your White Label Crypto Wallet Journey!

Integration starts in the minimum time…
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Why Quecko for your Cryptocurrency Wallet Development?

Specializing in developing the best cryptocurrency wallets, we develop all-in-all solutions considering your business requirements. These are the reasons to choose us


Safe & Reliable

Wallets usually experience threats time-to-time. Hence, we provide secure code for crypto-wallet development.


Customizable Solution

While performing virtual transactions, we tend to pause fraudulent activities and devise bug-free solutions.


Team of Experts

Experts working continuously to provide satisfactory solutions.


Versatile Technology

We amalgamate tons of tools and technologies to discover possibilities from the impossibles, Every single day!


Immediate response

Responding to every of your query immediately as possible.


24 hours Assistance

Providing round-the-clock assistance to our clients to support them in any way possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You should choose Quecko for your services because of 

  • Experienced team of developers 
  • Great case for security & is a reliable choice 
  • Use of versatile technology 
  • Customizable solutions provision  
  • Immediate response 
  • 24 hours assistance

Following are the types of cryptocurrency wallets:

  • DeFi Wallet

  • Web3 Wallet 

  • Tron Wallet 

  • NFT Wallet 

  • White-label Wallet 

  • Multi-currency Wallet

  • Bitcoin Wallet 

  • Ethereum Wallet 

  • Web Wallet 

  • Desktop Wallet 

  • Mobile Wallet 

  • Centralized Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software or hardware medium that stores digital currencies, and public or private keys for these currencies' transactions.  Moreover, these wallets provide the functionalities of encrypting or signing information. It also allows users to send, receive, and spend cryptocurrencies.

A wallet address is a string of letters and numbers from which cryptocurrencies or NFTs can be sent to and from. A wallet address is also known as a Public Key and can be shared with different contacts like an email address.

Some powerful scams of cryptocurrency wallets prevailing nowadays are:

  • Bitcoin investment schemes
  • Rug pull scams
  • Phishing scams
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks
  • Ponzi schemes
  • Fake cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Employment offers and fraudulent employees

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