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A top-notch web3 platform with advanced and latest technology in designing and developing interactive web3 solutions using blockchain with 60+ blockchain developers. We cater to deliver our expertise in AI, NFTs, smart contracts and cryptography technologies.

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Smart Contract is Rendering the Future!

Smart contracts are innovating the future of several industries including supply chain, healthcare, telecommunication, real estate, and much more! 
Quecko Inc. has sheered expertise in smart contracts development, perfectly tailored to multiple industries and businesses. The process is backed by expert smart contract developers helping create top-trending machine-based protocols to innovate business agreements.

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Our Services involving Smart Contracts Development

Being the industry leader in developing Smart Contracts, Quecko Inc. renders businesses reach their goals through next-level smart contract development services.

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Smart Contract Architecture

To ensure qualitative results, our best smart contract development team utilizes resilient practices of smart contract architecture.

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Smart Contract Development

Quecko Inc. is developing state-of-art smart contracts, that are customized and filled with multiple features for industry-wide practices.

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Smart Contract Audit

Helping businesses harmonize the smart contract code and perform a security audit from the bottom up, Quecko Inc. specializes in providing scrupulous smart contract audit services.

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Smart Contract Optimization

To lower the gas fee average, in addition to the reduction of computational resource requirements, our expert smart contract development team uses the best optimization techniques to help optimize smart contracts.

Why choose Smart Contract Application Development Services for your business?

Smart contracts integrate the advanced features of automation resulting in cost reduction and efficiency maximization throughout business operations processes.



A distributed ledger technology is unalterable and immune to impregnation, hence, enhancing the feature of security.



Record-keeping, storage, and retrieval are automated resulting in the elimination of human errors.


Financial savings

The development of redundancy in human functions through automated operations helps alleviate the problem of costs and risks.


Execution in Real-time

Once the required criteria are satisfied, the execution starts automatically taking place simultaneously through all the connected computers.



A smart contract is a way parties reach agreements, at the same time eliminating third-party interaction.



Transparency is the most entertaining feature of smart contracts. The information is visible to all the people throughout the blockchain network in this contract, hence ensuring a surrounding of trust.

Uses of Smart Contracts

Self-execution makes smart contracts the strongest tool for wide applications throughout industries. Quecko Inc. is a worldwide trusted partner for smart contracts development, serving a diverse clientele across the globe. Let’s have a look at the use cases of these smart contracts.

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Real Estate

Quecko Inc. provides the most robust smart contract development solutions to enterprises in real estate. This helps them smoothen up the management operations and integrate transparency in sales processes. 

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We craft powerful smart contracts that allow businesses in the transport & logistics industry to track the flow of products in a continuous manner, automate payments, and render real-time visibility across the chain.

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It takes a huge amount of time for any insurance claim to be processed and paid mainly in the insurance industry. With the help of smart contracts, businesses can now easily do error management and checking calculations involving claim-related information which is easily stored in smart contracts

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Smart contracts in the healthcare industry are of vital importance as it automates data sharing between different businesses in healthcare. This enables healthcare operations streamlining and easy verification of claims.

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Smart contracts in the entertainment industry automate the micropayments between creators and consumers, eliminating third-party involvement. Hence, Quecko Inc. helps empower this industry.

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Banking & Finance

We provide DeFi smart contract development services, helping financial institutions improve the accuracy of data, reduce paperwork, faster transaction processing, and strengthen security.

Developing Smart Contracts on Different Blockchain Platforms

Regardless of the type of smart contract, our expert team of developers is capable of developing and deploying them on renowned blockchain networks.

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Ethereum Smart Contracts Development

We put efforts to our fullest in building up innovative strategies and design-thinking processes to deliver the best Ethereum smart contract development solution.


TRON Smart Contract Development

To help our clients develop an efficient and scalable decentralized solution, Quecko Inc. provides the best TRON smart contract development services.

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Hyper-ledger Smart Contract Development

To help you with secure hyperledger smart contract development services, Our team of expert developers work enthusiastically as per your requirements.


Binance Smart Contract Development

We deliver BSC smart contracts solutions with precision and highly automated asset management for the efficient use of participants seeking Binance smart contract development service.

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EOS Smart Contract Development

Creating the best smart contracts on the EOS chain to support dApps development that performs the intended functions as per the requirements of the user.

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Polka Dot Smart Contract Development

We develop the most powerful smart contracts on Polkadot Blockchain by leveraging the capabilities of the platform.

Our Smart Contract Development Process

We integrate a roadmap to align your smart contract development journey.

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Why to choose Quecko as Your Smart Contract Development Company?


24 hours Assistance

Providing round-the-clock assistance to our clients to support them in any way possible.


Technical Expertise

Working continuously in the blockchain world. We do one thing but do it with full commitment.


Team of Experts

Team of experts working continuously to provide satisfactory solutions, suggesting the best tech approach, and helping you even set up communities and campaigns.


Tangible Outcomes

Creating tangible outcomes to make sure you see Return on investment.


Instant Development

Delivering customizable products best suited to the target audience. A coordinated process ensures smooth & rapid development and deployment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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 Certainly! You don’t need your own token to create your crypto launchpad.

The cost depends on different factors, such as the blockchain on which you want to build the launchpad, the complexity of the smart contract, and some others.

Yes, we can help you build a launchpad like BSCPad and other popular platforms on the market, such as Polkastarter, Red Kite, Solstarter, CardStarter, and more as we are specialized in building customized launchpads from scratch.

We are a team of over 60 technical experts delivering end-to-end services, including design, development, deployment, marketing, and consulting. We have high-class experience in creating clients’ success stories and will surely help you disrupt the market with a great product.

The time to develop a launchpad depends on the scope of the project, we prove our experience and expertise to quicken your presence into the market with a great product.

If you are looking to create an NFT Marketplace development platform like Opensea then consult with us today to provide your users with an NFT platform to easily develop, buy and sell orders of assets from your dApp.

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