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Be a part of this seamless technology and leverage the advantages of DeFi based applications with Quecko Inc. We focus on blockchain-based decentralized finance services that replace the traditional financial centralized system with encrypted, riskless, and equitable DeFi applications.

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Our DeFi Development Services

Quecko Inc., the decentralized finance (DeFi) development company, provides its support to startups, entrepreneurs, and other corporate houses in gaining an edge in the competitive DeFi landscape.

“DeFi will grow really big and will replace banks!”

Michael Egorov [CEO, Curve]

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DeFi dApps Development

We construct and deploy remarkable Decentralized Applications according to any company's finance and operations’ needs. Our DApps are built and designed as per the DeFi standards to provide increased transparency and reliability.

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DeFi Smart Contracts Development

Our professional DeFi developers create an automated system for smart contracts to execute crypto-related fund transactions and agreements without involving any third party.

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DeFi Wallet Development

Our seasoned DeFi development team is an expert in building non-custodial and key-based DeFi wallets to ensure fund and data control for traders without relying on some intermediary.

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DeFi Lending Platform Development

Just get according to our open-source DeFi protocols in the field of lending and borrowing, where we provide a high-performing decentralized platform for fast and easy access to the money people need.

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DeFi Token Development

Quecko helps you with end-to-end DeFi token development of issuance platforms where you can deploy DeFi tokens on open-source protocols.

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DeFi Exchange Development

We develop a decentralized exchange platform where cryptocurrency exchange takes place and organizations and business owners conduct P2P trading securely and transparently.

Incentives You Get

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Global Access

DeFi transactions are carried out with no geographical boundaries and one only needs an internet connection to access decentralized finance platforms.

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It is impossible to exploit any record on the blockchain network and it’s a big edge into greater transparency and added security.

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Streamlined Operations

By removing the need for intermediaries and third parties, DeFi applications enable direct transactions between the participants.

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High Programmability

Smart contracts are considerably programmable and work automatically.

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Anonymous Transactions

When the transactions are carried out, their anonymity is guaranteed and the identity linked to profiles remains hidden.

Key Perks of Developing Decentralized Finance with Quecko Inc.

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The Tech Team

The team’s unparalleled experience in building decentralized applications will help you refine your offerings, and suggest the best tech approaches.

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Client-Focused Approach

We are a trusted DeFi development company, ensuring to fulfil our client’s expectations and are committed to making their DeFi business thrive.

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Blockchain Expertise

Focusing exclusively on Web3 and blockchain solutions, we deliver top-level DeFi application development services, which makes Quecko Inc. one of the best providers in this domain.

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Coding Standards

Our DeFi developers always make sure to work according to the highest coding standards, resolve complex coding challenges and make it easy to understand.

Let’s Discuss Your Idea

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Get a Cost Estimation

We then produce a project proposal with budget and timeline estimations.

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Project Begins

To lock the project, we bring together a team with different disciplines to take an initiative for your project.


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