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Talking about eco-friendly and environmentally positive projects, TreeDeFi tops the list. It is a prominent DeFi protocol operating on the Binance Smart Chain

Blaze Dex

BlazeSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) that offers users a number of innovative ways to create several streams of income from the fast-growing Decentralized

Lile Farm

Lile offers faster services at a lower cost, unlike many other DEXs in the market. The platform has invested in creating a fully decentralized platform with various products.


Just like our other DEXs, DevilSwap is an advanced BSC AMM and yield farming protocol that allows swapping between BEP20 Tokens but with added features like


OrangeSwap is a decentralized exchange, yield farm and staking platform deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. OrangeSwap will be an on-chain system of smart contracts on


Zono Swap is a powerful decentralized exchange platform on Binance Smart Chain with the main aim to facilitate the crypto users all around.


SweetSwap is an AMM, yield farm, and staking platform built on BSC. It is a modified fork of PancakeSwap with some new and innovative features. Candy is the native token

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